Lanese Martin is a community organizer, public speaker, electoral organizer, business owner and political strategist. As Co-Founder of The Hood Incubator, a national political action organization, she guides the organization on it’s mission to end the drug war and reverse its impacts on Black communities.


In less than 5 years she has grown the organization to be the leading voice in the cannabis justice space. Lanese is also the former  Chair of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

Director of
Community Engagement

Eliana Green Esq., a native of the west side of Chicago, is a sociologist and movement lawyer. 


As The Hood Incubator’s Director of Community Engagement, Eliana provides legal tools and strategies to support our affiliates in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Oakland. She supports our work to create policy platforms that ensure that communities impacted by mass incarceration and the drug war directly benefit from cannabis legalization in the form of expungements, complete relief from the collateral consequences of a criminal record, and community reinvestment of cannabis tax dollars and private sector funds.