…is fire

Since our founding in 2016, the Hood Incubator has been on the forefront of a movement to leverage the cannabis industry as a pathway for healing, hope, and opportunity for Black communities.

  • We move policies that promote opportunity and equity in the cannabis industry and make sure that Black folks have a seat at cannabis-related policy tables. For example, in Oakland we advocated for and won the first citywide equity policy- Oakland’s Cannabis Equity Program which we later helped amend with the Equity Tax Rebate, and were part of the movement that won legalization in Illinois. 

  • We empower Black community members to thrive as workers, owners and investors in the growing legal cannabis economy. We launched the first people-of-color focused cannabis business accelerator in the country which led to the founding of more than 30 Black-owned cannabis businesses. Now, through our Workforce Development program  Black folks are launching high-wage cannabis careers.

  • The Hood Incubator is growing a national network of on-the-ground cannabis stakeholders who are leading and winning local campaigns for justice. Individuals from several states have participated in our Cannabis Justice Accelerator where they’ve gained the skills and support they need to design and win purposeful, effective cannabis justice campaigns.